Boat Launching / Valet Boat Launch Service

We use an elevator for quick safe launching of your boat. Bethel Harbor’s elevator boat launch lowers your boat into the water, or raises your boat from the water, on either your own trailer or on one of ours. We do all the work for you… put the boat on the launch, uncover it and lower it into the water.

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Let Bethel Harbor take the hassle out of launching your boat.

The launch capacity is 8000 pounds (including the trailer) with a length limit of 26 feet. For larger boats we have a travelift to launch your boat.

Our launch is open to our dry storage customers and to the public.

Launching: $1.00 per foot for roundtrip valet launch

Bethel Island's
Boat Launching

“The staff, pertaining to the “boat launchers”, are amazing! Over the years, we have fallen in love with their kind nature, strong work ethic and attention to detail. They always do their best for us with a huge grin, a wave and they know our names which makes us feel important!”

Sawnna Grant
San Ramon, California